October Wrap Up


And once again, here I am, utterly confused about how another month has flown by so quickly.

What I hauled


I technically preordered Gemina a few months ago but I didn’t get it until this month so it’s part of my October “haul”. The speech marks are there because October has been yet another month where I’ve managed to control myself and not buy 50 books. I am itching to do a haul though! Maybe I’ll treat myself soon.

What I read

I read about a lot of strong, badass female characters this month 😍

What I started

What I posted


Empire of Storms  –  The Rose & the Dagger  –  Akarnae  –  The Assassin’s Blade  –  Gemina

Book tags

Ruler of Books tag


October TBReleased

Other Shenanigans 200 Follows!

Um what?! 200 people care about what I have to say? About books?! Madness! Insanity! Thank you all so so so much. I couldn’t believe it when I got 100 so to have double that is unbelievable.
Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.27.05 AM.pngI also finished my reading challenge this month. I can’t believe that I’ve already read 50 books this year. Then again, that works out to be about 5 books a month which I was averaging for a while so it makes sense.
In other news, I had my final classes of uni a few weeks ago. Now all that’s left are two final exams which are next week, and then I’ll be done with uni forever (if I pass all my subjects, fingers crossed).
Anyone who saw my wrap up post last month will know that I hosted my first event (with a group as part of a uni assessment). It was a charity cocktail function in support of Dress for Success Sydney and with everyone’s support we were able to raise close to $2000 and about $1000 worth of clothing donations. Everything went really well and I had so much fun from creation to execution. It’s really helped me to realise that my 18 year old self made the right choice when choosing uni courses.

How did September treat you?

Happy reading,


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