Intergalactic Book Tag

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The Intergalactic Book Tag was created by jessethereader and his original video is here. This tag was inspired by the book Starflight by Melissa Landers.

I saw Lauren from Wonderless Reviews do this so I thought I’d give it a go.

Space: Name a book that is out of this world – that takes place in a world different from our own.

Red Rising takes place on Mars. This was kinda meh for me but I’m excited to read the rest of the series.

Black Hole: Name a book that completely sucked you in.

Anyone who’s asked me about a book in the past week or two will know how much I LOVED Summer Skin!

Lightspeed: Name a book you are anticipating so much that you wish you could travel at lightspeed to get to it.

Is there any other?

Nebula: Name a book with a beautiful cover.

I haven’t read it yet but I feel in love with the cover of The Rose Society the minute I saw it.

Multiverse: Name a companion set or spinoff series you love.

I loved The Infernal Devices so much more than The Mortal Instruments.

Gravity: Name your favourite romantic pairing that seems to have gravitational pull to each other.

Simon and Blue!

The Big Bang: Name the book that got you started on reading.

I’ve always been a reader but the book I remember absolutely loving as a kid was Tashi.

Asteroid: Name a short story or novella that you love.

I haven’t read many short stories/novellas so a collection of them counts right?

Galaxy: Name a book with multiple POVs.

I loved the way The Sidekicks was split into three parts/perspectives.

Spaceship: Name a book title that would be a great name for a spaceship.

I haven’t read The Shadow Queen yet but I imagine a spaceship of that name would be prett badass.


This was fun and I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it.


5 thoughts on “Intergalactic Book Tag

  1. thebigfatf says:

    YAS! YAS! All these choices are so perfect!!!!!
    Especially for the Infernal Devices!!! I still need to to read Sidekicks but I’ve heard so much rave about it. That’s about enough for me to get my hands on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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